Water path Selector

In my apartment I have some plants on the balcony in separated flower pots, and I decided to make an automatized watering system for them. The idea was to be able to water them separately based on the moisture of the ground in the pot, since these plants like different amount of water. To realize... Bővebben →

Laboratory Power Supply

I haven't have a power supply for lab purposes for a long time ago but sometimes it would have been necessary. Besides the adjustable voltage it is also very useful to limit the output current e.g. in case of testing newly created PCBs. So I decided to make it by myself from available components. https://youtu.be/E7s_AK3arWc... Bővebben →

Arduino Infrared Radar

In this small project I would like to show you how can you create a simple Radar at Home with Arduino. There are many similar projects on the internet, but they are all using an ultrasonic sensor to measure the distance. In this project I use an infrared sensor for distance measurement. My goal is... Bővebben →

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